Project Heal Visits the Lawra Nutrition Center!

Two members of Project Heal, an undergraduate student service group at UNC Chapel Hill, visited Ghana in June and were able to visit the Lawra Nutrition Center while they were there. Project Heal was founded by two of our three founders of MedPLUS Connect, while they were undergraduate students at UNC in 2009. We are grateful to have maintained our relationship with Project Heal and were excited to hear about their most recent service trip.

Project Heal is a completely student run group that fundraises and takes annual summer service trips to Ghana. The organization provides basic first aid and dental workshops and supplies and takes on a couple additional projects each trip. While in Lawra this summer, Rawley and Boya, past and present Presidents of Project Heal, delivered textbooks and diagnostic kits to the nutrition center. They also met with Patience and Dr. Sandaare and painted a large, beautiful flower mural outside the nutrition center, to help brighten the building and make it child friendly. Thank you so much to Rawley and Boya for all of your hard work this summer!

Patience with the supplies

Patience with the supplies delivered by Project Heal

Paitience and Dr. Sandaare

Paitience and Dr. Sandaare with Rawley (left) and Boya (right)


Children gathered in front of the mural Project Heal painted at the Lawra Nutrition Center

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