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A Look Back on 2014

As begin the New Year we wanted to look back on all that MedPLUS accomplished in the past year. In 2014 MedPLUS Connect celebrated five years of incorporation and sending shipments of valuable medical supplies! We sent our first container in 2008 and became fully incorporated in 2009. Our story was featured in the Carolina Alumni Review and it was exciting to look back on how far MedPLUS has advanced since then.

In 2014 the Nutrition center also treated 50 new patients and rehabilitated 53 children. We also received a generous donation of a laptop and digital camera for the nutrition center, which has already greatly improved the record keeping and documentation of patient's progress, enabling the nutrition center to better help children recover from the effects of malnutrition. In addition, the nutrition center also held a training on the Management of Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM) for Lawra District Hospital staff in April of this past year. Eleven members from the various units of the Lawra District Hospital, including 9 nurses, a midwife and a medical assistant attended this training. They were instructed on the impact of malnutrition in children, how to identify and manage a child with malnutrition in addition to other medical conditions, how to prepare therapeutic food, and how to educate mothers on proper nutrition at home. Ms. Patience Gaa, the nutrition officer in charge of the daily operations of the Lawra nutrition center, and three regional experts on SAM from the Upper West Region facilitated the training. These 11 participants can now train additional health care providers in their respective wards.

We also had a successful first year of fundraising on Global Giving, enabling us to be able to purchase the first set of supplies and equipment for the cervical cancer screening and treatment program. We will soon be purchasing 1 diathermy machine, 1 cryotherapy set, 1 cryotherapy cylinder, 1 autoclave, 2 biopsy forceps, 10 tenaculums, 10 sponge forceps, and 25 speculums. We are so excited that the first stage of establishing the first cervical cancer screening and treatment program in the Upper West Region is underway and can't wait to report back on the progress soon.

During the past year we also started participating in AmazonSmile, participated in our second Giving Tuesday, became Guidestar Certified, and attended the YANA nonprofit conference in NYC. We also oversaw the distribution of the Upper East Regional container, which was distributed to 51 different hospitals, and health centers throughout the region! This container held almost 16,000 pounds of medical equipment and consumable supplies!

This past year was an exciting one for MedPLUS and we look forward to what 2015 has in store!

MedPLUS Connect Celebrates 5 Years

This year marks the fifth year since MedPLUS Connect has been incorporated! In the past 5 years we have shipped 273,605 pounds of medical supplies worth over 2 million dollars, beginning with our first shipment of medical supplies to the Lawra District Hospital in 2008. After winning first prize and the people’s choice award in the Carolina Challenge in 2009, we were able to fully incorporate and send our first full 40ft container.In total we have now sent 16 shipments of recovered medical supplies to Ghana!

The idea for MedPLUS Connect initially evolved from the work our founders did with a student service organization called Project Heal. Two of MedPLUS Connect's founders, Emma Lawrence and Lauren Slive, co-founded Project Heal in 2006 with Elliott Miller to provide service opportunities in Ghana for undergraduate students at UNC Chapel Hill. As part of their service projects, Project Heal volunteers began bringing basic medical first aid items to Ghana and to Lawra District Hospital, culminating in the shipment of a number of consumable supplies in pallets in 2008. This inspired the creation of MedPLUS Connect, which was founded to focus directly on connecting hospitals in need in Ghana with available donated medical supplies in the U.S. After winning the Carolina Challenge MedPLUS Connect developed into a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and Project Heal continued on as a student run organization in the Campus Y at UNC Chapel Hill. 

Of our 16 total shipments, 10 were hospital specific containers. These shipments benefitted the Lawra District Hospital, the Bole District Hospital, Tumu District Hospital, Walewale District Hospital, Nandom District Hospital, St. Joseph's Hospital, Wechiau Health Center, and Gwollu Hospital in the Upper West, Upper East, and Northern Regions of Ghana. In 2011 we expanded to sending regional shipments, where the supplies in each container are distributed among a range of hospitals and health centers throughout the recipient region. We have sent 4 regional containers to the Upper East Region and 2 to the Northern Region with great success. In total, these regional containers have reached 17 hospitals and 60 health centers throughout the Upper East and Northern Regions, most of which are located in highly rural areas. In total, these shipments have contained 252 hospital & examination beds, 1,699,894 exam & surgical gloves, and 215 pieces of medical equipment. We have been able to send high-end pieces of equipment such as anesthesia machines, ultrasounds, and autoclaves in addition to hundreds of crutches, wheelchairs, and IV poles as well as over a million consumable supplies such as syringes, needles, bandages and gloves. 

In the 5 years since our incorporation we have also undertaken several valuable projects in addition to sending shipments of medical supplies. We saw the Lawra Nutrition Rehabilitation Center evolve from its inception in 2009 to the completion of construction in 2013. Since opening in October of 2013 the center has treated 42 children suffering from malnutrition and provided nutrition education for numerous mothers and caregivers. In 2010 we also partnered with a Ghanaian-based NGO called EVCO Africa to establish a computer library at Weichau Health Center. Our latest undertaking is establishing the first cancer screening and treatment program in the Upper West Region of Ghana. Although cervical cancer is the most common cancer in Ghana, there is currently no cervical care available in the Upper West Region. We're fundraising to purchase the equipment needed to both screen and treat women for cervical cancer and bring this care to the Upper West. We are excited to look back on what we have accomplished so far and also to look forward to the future as we continue bringing healthcare to underserved areas of Ghana in the next 5 years.

MedPLUS Connect Featured in Carolina Alumni Review!

MedPLUS Connect is excited to be featured in an article in the May issue of the Carolina Alumni Review. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill holds both personal and organizational ties for MedPLUS Connect. Our three founders and current Board Members, Emma Lawrence, Emily Nix, and Lauren Slive, are all members of the class of 2009 and their experiences at Carolina also played a huge role in the beginnings of MedPLUS Connect. Our Executive Director also has ties to UNC as a member of the class of 2010. 

In 2008, MedPLUS Connect competed in the Carolina Challenge, a competition held by the Kenan-Flagler Business School at UNC designed to promote entrepreneurship, and were awarded honorable mention. After sending their first shipment of medical supplies in 2008, Emma, Emily, and Lauren competed again in the 2009 Carolina Challenge competition, winning the overall competition and the People's Choice award. The winnings from this competition helped MedPLUS Connect grow and develop into the organization it is today. While the Carolina Challenge provided the resources neccessary to turn an idea into our organization, the additional support received from staff and programs throughout the University gave our founders the confidence to fully committ to making MedPLUS Connect a reality.  

The article discusses how the idea for MedPLUS Connect was born and the path our founders took from conception to realization. It also discusses our past shipments as well as our current projects of establishing the nutrition center and cervical cancer program. We are delighted and honored to have our organization featured in the Carolina Alumni Review and to revisit our strong ties with Carolina.  

Upper East Regional Shipment Distributed!

We sent our third regional shipment to the Upper East Region in 2013 and we are excited to report that the supplies are being distributed to 51 different hospitals and health centers throughout the region! This container held almost 16,000 pounds of medical equipment and consumable supplies. With the hard work of our fantastic partners at MedWish International, a bulk of that weight was taken up by 16 exam tables, 12 wheelchairs, 11 hospital beds, and 6 patient gurneys. We were also able to include 21 IV poles, 20 nebulizers, 20 walkers, and 20 crutches, supplies that are often in short supply and will be a great help to the many health centers receiving them. In addition, we were fortunate to be able to send several more advanced pieces of equipment that are often difficult to obtain in the Upper East. These included 6 combination oto/ophthalmoscopes, 5 vital sign monitors, 2 oxygen concentrators, and 1 ultrasound machine.  

The Upper East Region also has a critical need for consumable supplies so perhaps some of the most important items included in this container were the 5 pallets of mixed medical supplies that held syringes, needles, catheters, and surgical drapes. We also were able to include an entire pallet of exam gloves, which provided more than 100,000 gloves to the region! When we obtained the request list for this container last summer we noticed a great need for blood pressure cuffs, digital thermometers, and stethoscopes. Working with our partners at Globus Relief, we were able to fulfill this need by sending 1,000 blood pressure cuffs, 500 thermometers, and 125 stethoscopes as value added supplies. With the help of our wonderful partners we were able to supply the Upper East Region with many of the supplies and equipment desperately needed by many of its hospitals and health centers. Now that the supplies are being distributed, we look forward to hearing about all of the ways they will help the dedicated physicians and nurses at these institutions save the lives of their patients.

MedPLUS Connect Becomes New Partner on Global Giving!

This December, MedPLUS Connect competed in Global Giving's Open Challenge and we are excited to announce that, having successfully met our fundraising goal, we are now new partners on Global Giving's website! During the Open Challenge, MedPLUS Connect raised more than $5,000 from over 40 donations to help establish a cervical cancer screening and treatment program in the Upper West Region of Ghana. Despite being the most common cancer among women in Ghana, cervical care is currently not offered in the Upper West. Instead women must travel up to 700km to receive treatment. Our project in the Open Challenge was fundraising for the cost of the supplies needed to incorporate routine cervical cancer screening into the existing health care system and to establish a treatment program at the Wa Regional Hospital, centrally located in the Upper West Region.

By raising more than $5,000, MedPLUS Connect has gained a permanent position on Global Giving's website and will be able to continue fundraising for the cervical cancer program and other projects year round. We will also have continuous access to the many resources offered by Global Giving, which will help MedPLUS Connect grow as an organization. We are excited to see how our new partnership progresses in the future. 

Lawra Nutrition Center Opens!

The Lawra Nutrition Center is now officially open and has begun treating patients! A lot of time and research went into creating the plans for the center and the construction has been an ongoing process since 2012. We are so excited to see the plans come to fruition and for the center to finally begin fulfilling its purpose of treating malnourished children! The center will be providing in- and out- patient treatment for malnourished children, nutrition education programs for mothers and children in the district, as well as outreach work and care. After the construction on the center was completed in late July, the center was stocked and prepared to treat the first patients this week. Although the nutrition center is now open, there will also be an official opening ceremony held later this year that will be attended by members of the community, the Lawra District Hospital, the Lawra District Assembly, and MedPLUS Connect representatives. 

MedPLUS Connect 2012 Achievements

During our 2011-2012 shipment season MedPLUS Connect sent a total of 5 containers to the Upper West, Upper East and Northern RegionsWith these five containers and the help from our wonderful partners at MedWish International and Missionary Expediters, we shipped a total of 73,429 pounds, 197,721 examination and surgical gloves, and 69 hospital beds

This year also marked the beginning of “regional shipments.” With these shipments we work with the Regional Health Directorate in Ghana to build containers of supplies requested by many different hospitals and health centers in that region.  The greatest benefit of sending a regional shipment is our ability to reach small rural health centers and clinics. With the provision of much needed medical supplies and equipment these clinics are able to expand into primary providers which helps eliminate the long commutes that sick patients often have to make to receive care. In 2012 we were able to send two regional containers to the Northern Region and one regional container to the Upper East. We also expanded our partner hospitals to include Tumu District Hospital in the Upper West and Bole District Hospital in the Northern Region. 

The regional shipments were so successful last year that we are sending two more regional containers in 2013! One will go to the Northern Region and one to the Upper East Region. We will also continue to expand by sending three containers to new hospitals in the Upper West and Upper East Regions. 

Upper East Regional Shipment Arrives in Ghana and Bole District Hospital Shipment Sent

We are excited to announce that after a prolonged journey, the Upper East Regional container that was loaded this spring has now arrived in Ghana! This container should be leaving the port of Tema by the end of this week and will then be distributed to hospitals and health centers throughout the Upper East. We were very fortunate to be able to send 5 anesthesia machines, an ultrasound machine, two oxygen concentrators and an operating room table- supplies that will greatly benefit the region. Dr. Awonoor Williams, the regional director for the Upper East, expressed great excitement about the incoming machines and equipment when our Executive Director Anna met with him while in Ghana just two weeks ago.

Our wonderful partners at MedWish International also loaded an 18,000-pound container destined for Bole District Hospital on June 19. This container holds 12 hospital beds, 10 wheelchairs, an ultrasound machine, an autoclave, and a centrifuge, among pallets of gloves and other medical supplies. It will hopefully arrive by the end of the month! Check back soon for more updates!



Breaking Ground on the Lawra Nutrition Rehabilitation Center!

MedPLUS Connect could not be more excited to announce that we have broken ground on the Lawra Nutrition Rehabilitation Center in Lawra, Ghana! The nutrition center will provide in-patient care for malnourished children, nutrition education programs for mothers and children in the district, outreach work and care, and more. Plans have been in the works for over a year. After working with the Lawra District Hospital and local government, writing an in-depth proposal for the nutrition center and programming, lots of research, receiving a $15,000 grant from a family foundation, receiving donations from fundraisers and fantastic supporters, approving blueprints, training programs and construction plans, seeing the nutrition center become a reality is amazing. 

Two 40-ft Containers Sent to the Northern Region, Ghana

On February 23rd and 24th, MedPLUS Connect sent two 40-ft containers of medical supplies and equipment to the Northern Region, Ghana! Our wonderful partners at MedWish International in Cleveland, Ohio, loaded each container in a one-hour live load, respectively. This means that they loaded over 14,000 pounds of life saving medical supplies and equipment in one hour! We are so thankful to work with amazing partners both in the U.S. and in Ghana.

These two containers will travel to the Northern Region, Ghana where the medical supplies will be distributed across the region to in-need health centers and hospitals. We have worked closely with the Regional Director of health services to devise a distribution plan for these supplies based on need. Based on the requests of Northern Region health centers, we were able to fill the containers with over 40 manual and electric hospital beds, oxygen concentrators, pallets of syringes and needles, an ultrasound machine, and more! 

MedPLUS Connect Featured in College Textbook!

MedPlus Connect is the feature story of Chapter 16 of a new textbook for college students titled Gateway To Democracy, An Introduction to American Government, published in 2011 by Wadsworth Publishing, and authored by John G. Geer, Wendy J. Schiller and Jeffrey A. Segal.  The Chapter is titled: The United States as a Global Partner, and begins with these words "The essence of democracy is voluntary participation, civic engagement, and taking a stand for issues that you believe in."  The story features  Lauren Slive, Emma Lawrence and Elliott Miller. As students, they embarked upon a service trip to Ghana and founded an organization called Project Heal at the University of Carolina Chapel Hill, which continues to be a vehicle for student engagement through raising awareness and service trips.  The story continues with the development of a business plan for MedPlus Connect, a sister organization which won the Carolina Challenge Entrepreneurial Competition in 2009, and two months later began delivering thousands of pounds of supplies to rural northern Ghana.  The story of MedPlus Connect ends with these words :"Their work is evidence of the gateways that exist for U.S. citizens to make global connections and the opportunities for the nation to play a new world role." MedPLUS Connect is proud and delighted to have been featured in this textbook!

12,400 Pounds Sent to Tumu District Hospital, Ghana

Our fantastic partners at the MedWish International warehouse packed the first of five MedPLUS Connect containers set to go out during the 2011-2012 year. This container holds over 12,400 pounds of life saving medical equipment - including hospital beds, an anesthesia machine, infant incubators, oxygen concentrators, fetal doppler detectors, pallets of consumables like syringes and bandages, and more! Dr. Zakari Bukari, medical director at Tumu District Hospital, compiled the request list based off the hospital's priority needs and is "excited about the great support and looking forward to recieiving the items."

To the MedPLUS Connect team, it is always incredible to see how much equipment can really be packed into one container. Even more impressive is seeing how many valuable pieces of healthcare equipment can be reused and repurposed to help others.

MedPLUS is so excited to send this container to Tumu District Hospital! Tumu District Hospital is in the Upper West Region of Ghana and serves a rural district with a population of over 150,000. Because of its northern location and proximity to the neighboring country Burkina Faso, Tumu District Hospital sees a diverse patient population, including refugees from across the borders. Hopefully these medical supplies will help the hospital better treat the needs of the growing patient population.

Jirapa Shipment Arrives at Hospital in Ghana

MedPLUS Connect is happy to report that a 40-foot container destined for Jirapa, Ghana has arrived at St. Joseph's Hospital after quite a long journey! While in Ghana this past summer, Co-founder and Board member Emma Lawrence and Executive Director Sonya Narla had the privilege of visiting St. Joseph's Hospital in Jirapa and meeting with medical director Dr. Wodah. Dr. Wodah had expressed a need for additional hospital beds and consumables, due to the growing patient population and high need in the district. Now that the container has arrived - including 20 hospital beds, mattresses, and 8 pallets of mixed medical consumables - Dr. Wodah is "very excited and happy."

Jirapa is a rural and agriculturally based district in the Upper West Region of Ghana. MedPLUS Connect has worked with partner hospitals across the Upper West Region, including Lawra District Hospital, Nandom District Hospital, and Wechiau Health Center, and we are very excited about this partnership in Jirapa.

Check out this website to learn more about the Jirapa District

Container Unloaded in Nandom, Ghana

After months of preparation that started with a site visit at the Nandom District Hospital, a container of donated medical supplies and equipment was unloaded in Nandom, Ghana. MedPLUS Conenct's Executive Director, Emma Lawrence, spoke with the Medical Director at Nandom via skype shortly after the unloading was complete. The Medical Director, Dr. Robert Amesiya, spoke at length about the impact that the supplies and equipment will make in the Nandom community. Most importantly, he stressed how involved he felt in the process, how closely the donated items fit with his hospital’s specific needs, and how excited he was to build a lasting partnership with MedPLUS Connect.

Below is a quote taken from a letter of appreciation sent by Dr. Robert Amesiya.

"We the management and staff of St. Theresa’s Hospital, Nandom acknowledged receipt of shipping container full of valuable items such as slit lamp, patient beds, operation lamp, pharmaceuticals, curtain materials, drip stands, office chairs, lockers, needles and syringes, gloves etc etc.The items have been very beneficial to the hospital and community as a whole. We hope this collaboration will continue so that the hospital can improve and widen its scope of health care delivery to the communities in this part of Ghana and Africa. Thank You."

MedPLUS Awarded $15,000 Grant To Construct Nutrition Center in Rural Community

MedPLUS Connect was recently awarded a $15,000 grant from the Dorothea Haus Ross Foundation to build a nutrition rehabilitation center in Lawra, a rural community in northwest Ghana. The nutrition rehabilitation center will provide both outreach preventative care and nutrition education to mothers and children, as well as in-patient children’s malnutrition care for children. The mission of the Dorothea Haus Ross Foundation is to support organizations that serve vulnerable children, and their website can be found here: 

Ghana’s national malnutrition rate of 22.1% masks severe regional disparities, with 33% of children in northern regions (such as Lawra) under age five classified as underweight and 48% of children in northern regions under age five classified as stunted.

Over the past few years, plans for the children’s nutrition rehabilitation center have been developed in partnership with the directors and medical staff of Lawra District Hospital and government officials from the District Assembly of Lawra. The MedPLUS Connect team is thrilled that these funds will allow us to fulfill our commitment to making the center a reality.

MedPLUS Featured in DTH Newspaper Article

The work and development of MedPLUS Connect was featured in the University of North Carolina’s newspaper, the Daily Tar Heel. The three co-founders of MedPLUS Connect, Lauren Slive, Emily Nix and Emma Lawrence are all graduates of the University of North Carolina. The link to the article is below:

14,372 Pounds Delivered to Walewale District Hospital

In January 2011, 14,372 pounds of medical supplies and equipment were delivered to the Walewale District Hospital.

MedPLUS Connect’s Executive Director traveled to the town of Walewale, home of the Walewale District Hospital, to conduct a follow-up site visit. Although the shipment had arrived just two weeks earlier, all 28 hospital beds and mattresses had been transported to the various wards. In the children’s ward, beds now occupy a side corridor where patients previously had to lie on the ground during the rainy season when malaria is especially widespread. In the operating theatre, patients now have a bed to recovery on post-surgery. It is many of the items that are taken for granted in the United States—filing cabinets, bedside tables, doctors stools—that the nurses excitedly pointed out as huge assets to the daily functioning of the hospital.

The follow-up visit to Walewale reaffirmed that carts are being stocked with gloves and gauze, boxes of surgical drapes are open and ready in the operating theatre, and items that may be in excess of the hospital’s need are being cataloged and transported to community health centers in the surrounding villages. Further, the hospital officials had already been in contact with the Ministry of Health and the local government about the receipt of the supplies and equipment—building a form of continuity and accountability that would be impossible to externally construct.

Partnership Launched to Bring Solar Lights to Rural Clinics

MedPLUS Connect has recently expanded our partnership with One Million Lights. Together, we made a commitment to bring 100 solar-powered lights to rural hospitals and clinics in Ghana in the summer of 2011.

In many of the communities where MedPLUS Connect works, something as simple as light can be the difference between a patient getting care or not. The majority of rural clinics operate without electricity and those with electricity struggle with frequent power outages. The lights we get from One Million Lights are waterproof, durable, and solar charged. Each light allows a community health worker to deliver babies and provide care at night, meeting a fundamental need in disadvantaged communities.

Check out the link to the project page that describes our initiative:

Our goal is to raise $2,800 to fund 100 lights. You can make a donation of any size through the button on this page:

Wechiau Library and Resource Center is Open

Thanks to the hard work of our Peace Corps volunteer partner, the Wechiau Library and Resource Center has been opened. The center has been enthusiastically received by community members, especially students who are busy exploring new the educational resources. 

The resource center has been equipped with donated computers, along with desks and chairs, a TV and VCR, and donated medical videos and books. The computers are networked with a RACHEL server, a huge database of offline educational resources. This will allow health personnel and local community members the opportunity to access thousands of pages of Wikipedia articles, thousands of books (including hundreds of novels and children’s books written by African authors), video tutorials that teach math and science concepts at all levels, course readings from U.S. universities, interactive software to teach English and typing, a medical encyclopedia, and much more.

To network the center, MedPLUS Connect partnered with a Ghanaian-based NGO called EVCOAfrica ( The mission of EVCOAfrica is “To provide computer literacy to the children of rural Africa through donation of refurbished computers and accessories, organize computer workshops and speeches, and promote community involvement and development.”

Container to Wechiau Distributed Throughout Wa West District

At the Wechiau Health Center, 15,354 pounds of supplies, equipment, and hospital beds were immediately sorted by item into waiting store rooms. The health staff were enthusiastic about the difference that these items will make in the health center’s ability to provide care. Currently, the Wechiau Health Center is staffed by a group of dedicated nurses, and the director hopes that the health center will soon receive a doctor and become a “hospital.” The beds, drip stands, hospital carts, and supplies will help to stock a new ward that is currently under construction.

The shipment to Wechiau is particularly exciting because the supplies and equipment that MedPLUS sent were distributed to health centers and CHPS compounds (small community health centers) throughout the entire Wa West District. CHPS compounds are staffed by a community health worker, and aim to bring primary healthcare, including deliveries and malaria care, to within close distance of all rural communities. The MedPLUS Connect team is proud to contribute to Ghana Health Service’s commitment to bringing healthcare to underserved areas of Ghana and hope that MedPLUS’s contribution will help to reduce child and maternal mortality in these vulnerable communities.

40 Foot Container Arrives at Lawra District Hospital

After a few minor setbacks, MedPLUS Connect’s first 40 foot container of the 2010 summer arrived at the Lawra District Hospital. The shipment includes over 26,000 exam gloves, 20 beds, and 13 pieces of medical equipment including an infant incubator, anesthesia machine, and vital signs monitors. The staff and community members of Lawra pitched in to spend the morning unpacking the supplies, equipment, and hospital beds, and a group of local health and government officials came out to oversee the unpacking process.

The best part of the experience was knowing that MedPLUS team members were not needed to facilitate the process. The unloading process was efficient and organized, and the hospital administration had taken the initiative to make copies of the shipment inventory and distribute it to all key individuals. The electrician was ready to install the OR lamps and the plumper was excited to get the washer hooked up and running. The efficiency, professionalism and dedication of health personnel at places like the Lawra District Hospital make us confident that MedPLUS has developed some truly amazing partners.

MedPLUS Awarded $5,000 Grant from Clinton Foundation Division

MedPLUS Connect is the recipient of a $5,000 “2010 Outstanding Commitment Award.” The grant is awarded by the Clinton Global Initiative University (CGIU), a youth division of the Clinton Foundation.

Our “outstanding commitment” is to ship two forty foot containers of donated and recovered medical and administrative supplies to the Lawra District Hospital and Weichau Health Center. Our goal is to increase the quality and quantity of care the health centers are able to provide in a sustainable and environmentally conscious way. Funds from the grant are being allocated to transport donated supplies to our shipment start location in Cleveland and purchase parts and supplemental materials for medical equipment, including cables, adaptors, and transformers.

MedPLUS Delivers 22,000 lbs to Lawra District Hopsital

MedPLUS Connect successfully delivered over 22,000 pounds of medical supplies to the Lawra District Hospital in June 2009. Lawra is a rural town in Ghana, surrounded by farming villages. The Lawra Hospital is staffed by a hard-working group of nurses and doctors, struggling to provide quality care to a patient base of 46,000 people. The hospital lacks everything from exam gloves to EKG machines.

The staff of the Lawra Hospital greeted the shipment with excitement and enthusiasm. The shipment included supplies ranging from sutures and gloves to hospital beds and an autoclave. These supplies will provide doctors and nurses with the tools to increase the quality of care provided at the hospital. Further, supplies will allow the hospital to direct funds previously dedicated to paying for supplies to improving facilities and expanding their children's ward. Extra supplies were distributed to three other district hospitals and eight sub-district health centers who will be recipients of future MedPLUS Connect shipments.

MedPLUS Connect Recieves $10,000 from UNC SOM

After watching founders Emma Lawrence, Emily Nix and Lauren Slive passionately pitch their venture and plans to expand, Dr. Etta Pisano made possible a $10,000 grant from UNC School of Medicine. The grant is to be used toward employee compensation. The grant makes possible the position of a full-time executive director over the next two years. Such a position will allow MedPLUS Connect to move forward with plans to expand its model to include new hospitals as well as larger and more frequent shipments of medical supplies. To read more about UNC School of Medicine, click here.