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Connecting medical supplies to save lives.


We connect recovered and donated medical supplies to underserved health systems in developing countries.


We believe in empowering health personnel in developing countries to select medical supplies that are compatible with local resources and needs, and funding shipments of these supplies in a sustainable, predictable and reliable manner.  The value MedPLUS Connect creates is most dramatically exhibited in the additional lives that can be saved by increasing access to medical supplies and equipment for hospitals in developing countries.

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Since 2008, MedPLUS Connect has shipped:

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  We work directly with communities and hospitals.

Before sending medical supplies, we conduct one or more site visits at each hospital or health center to meet with physicians and administrators, tour the facilities, and discuss the specific needs of the facility. This allows us to develop a prioritized request list that details the specific equipment and supplies that the hospitals needs most.

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We make connections.

After receiving a request list, we work with our partners in the United States, including hospitals, non-profit supply recovery warehouses, and medical manufacturers to fill the needs of our partner hospitals. We are able to provide non-drug consumables and medical equipment, as well as hospital furnishings and hospital beds. We work to ensure that all consumable medical supplies are clean, packaged, unused, unopened, and high-quality.


We deliver.

We send 40 foot containers of medical supplies and equipment. By partnering with us, hospitals are able to save a large portion of their budgets and divert the savings toward child and maternal health programs, outreach initiatives, and hospital expansion. In addition, we ship high-value items such as vitals monitors, suction machines, EKGs and hospital beds, giving hospitals unique access to expensive, high-quality items that they could not ordinarily afford.