Upper East Regional Container Shipped!

On Tuesday our Upper East Regional container was packed full of supplies and equipment and is now on its way to Ghana! The hard work of our partners at MedWish International loaded 15,884 pounds of equipment and mixed medical supplies including exam tables, hospital beds, wheelchairs, combination oto/opthalmascopes, and an ultrasound machine. This container also holds several pallets of consumables and volunteers at MedWish spent some significant time putting together hundreds of general surgical kits as well. We were very happy to locate 1000 BP cuffs, 500 digital thermometers, and 125 stethoscopes from Globus Relief which were also included in this container and will help improve diagnostics throughout the region. A huge thank you to our partners at Globus Relief, MedWish International, and Missionary Expediters- we are so excited to have this container reach Ghana!