Arrived in Ghana!

I’m excited to announce that I arrived safely in Ghana yesterday afternoon! I can’t believe that it has been over a year since I was last here. Everything felt familiar – the airport, the heat, the haggling for a fair taxi price. I’m excited to be back and experience all of these familiar things but also to see the changes that I’m sure have occurred during the past year, the biggest one that I know of being the Lawra Nutrition Center. I have a week of meetings here in Accra and then I hope to be traveling to Lawra to see the nutrition center as soon as I can. When Sonya and I were here last year the construction was well under way but the building still lacked a roof, painting, and electricity. We’ve seen the updated pictures of the essentially complete building but I know it won’t compare with seeing it in person. This trip will also be filled with more meetings in the Upper East and Northern Regions and plenty of site visits as well. The past day and a half have been spent recovering from the long flight and time difference and preparing for all of my upcoming meetings. I’ll be posting on the blog regularly so follow along for all of my updates from Ghana!