MOH Meetings, and Goodbye to Ghana

From Kumasi, I headed down to Accra with Christy, and spent a relaxing day by the beach, working to prepare documents for my upcoming meetings with the Ministry of Health. Over the past two days, my meetings with the Ministry of Health were fantastic! First, I met with Chief Director of the MOH who reviewed and signed the Invoice and Memorandum documents for MedPLUS Connect’s next two shipments. We plan to send two 40 ft containers of recovered medical supplies and equipment to two underserved hospitals in northern Ghana: one to the Walewale District Hospital and one to Nandom District Hospital!

Ghana Ministry of Health

Ghana Ministry of Health

The Chief Director took me to meet with the Minister of Health, which was great because I got to skip the long line of people waiting. On the way to the Minsiter’s office, I tripped on the unraveling hem of my black pants (I guess wearing the same pair of dress pants for about 20 days in the past 2 months has taken its toll) and almost wiped out behind the Chief Director. Thinking that maybe he wouldn’t notice, my hopes were dashed by the chorus of waiting Ghanaians shouting “sorry, sorry.” I gave the Minister copies of the valuation documents that I prepared for our two previous shipments to Lawra and Wechiau, and updated him briefly about the upcoming shipments to Nandom and Walewale…definitely worth the 30 seconds of embarrassment!

I am back at my favorite hotel in Accra, finishing up some last minute errands, goodbye drinks and meetings before my flight leaves Ghana at 1am tomorrow. I feel like I have developed some incredible friendships in Ghana and am enthusiastic about the process that MedPLUS Connect has made in expanding our network of partners and planning shipments for the coming year. I am going to miss Ghana, transportation mishaps and all, and I look forward to my next trip!