Interesting Blog on Ghanaian Health Care

I recently came across a blog written by a Ghanaian doctor and couldn't help but read over some of his past posts. They are focused on different aspects of the healthcare system in Ghana and many of them reiterate the struggles of the Ghanaian health system which in turn reinforces the importance of MedPLUS Connect's work in Ghana.

In his most recent post, Dr. Boateng states "The consensus is that the quality of healthcare in Ghana is, to put it mildly, not the best." His blog post is a review of some of the overall problems faced by the health care system in Ghana and a call to action for doctors in nurses.

"As a country, we need to improve the infrastructure and equipment in our healthcare institutions. We need to improve the efficiency of the care that is delivered in these institutions. We need to pay a greater attention to the outcomes of the care we give to patients. We need to improve the satisfaction of patients and communities of the quality of healthcare."

The need for better equipment in hospitals and health centers in Ghana is great and something we at MedPLUS have witnessed personally. Without the supplies they need, skilled physicians are unable to properly treat their patients. Supplying hospitals and health centers with the equipment and supplies necessary to providing basic health care is an essential step to improving the health care system in Ghana.

Here is the link to the blog if you want to read more of Dr. Boateng's posts: