Global Giving Fundraising Update!

We are so excited to announce that we are slightly more than 1/5 of the way towards our fundraising goal of $5,000 to earn a spot on Global Giving's website! As of right now we've received 16 separate donations totaling $1,149! There are just over 3 weeks left in the challenge and we hope to be able to reach our goal of $5,000 by December 31st. During Global Giving's Open Challenge, we are fundraising to establish the first cervical cancer screening and treatment program in the Upper West Region. This program is critical to the health of women in the Upper West. Cervical cancer is the most common cancer among women in Ghana, responsible for more than 2,000 deaths in the country each year. However, there is currently no cervical care offered in the Upper West Region. Instead, women from this area must travel up to 700km, all the way across the country to either Kumasi or Accra, to receive treatment.

If we are able to raise at least $5,000 from 40 unique donors by December 31st, we will be granted a permanent position on Global Giving's website which will allow us to fundraise for the cervical cancer program year round. A permanent position on Global Giving's website will also provide our organization with many of the resources and opportunities we need to grow and improve our work in Ghana. Help us spread the word about our fundraising project and consider making a donation of your own this holiday season. Click the following link to find out more or make a donation: