Next Matching Day with Global Giving Feb. 12th!

As our first fundraising effort as a new partner with Global Giving we are preparing for the first matching day of 2014, which will take place on Wednesday, February 12th! Now that we've been granted a permanent position on Global Giving's website we will be fundraising for the cervical cancer program year round using our project page on their site. Unlike matching days during the Open Challenge, on February 12th Global Giving will match all donations to our project, up to $1,000 and while the matching funds last, at 30% instead of 15%! That means that if you donate $100 to our project your donation will be matched to actually be $130!

All funds raised on our project on Global Giving are going towards establishing a cervical cancer screening and treatment program in the Upper West Region of Ghana. Although cervical cancer is the most common cancer among women in Ghana, women in the Upper West currently have no access to cervical care. Our project is helping to purchase the equipment needed to begin screening women regularly for cervical cancer and to treat confirmed cases. Help us save women's lives by donating to our project on Wednesday, February 12th. No donation is too small, as even $12 will purchase a speculum, which is a necessary tool in screening for cervical cancer project.

The matching day officially begins at 9am on Wednesday, February 12th and only lasts while there are matching funds available. So if you haven't already, and would like to donate to the cervical cancer screening and treatment program, the matching day is an excellent day to donate and see your donation go farther! Make sure to donate early (but after 9am EST) to have your donation is matched. Visit our project page to read more and make a donation: