Next Matching Day with Global Giving July 16th!

We are excited to announce that our next Matching Day with Global Giving is this week, on Wednesday July 16th! Matching starts at 9am and all donations, until matching funds run out, will be matched at 30%. That means if you donate $100, Global Giving will give MedPLUS Copnnect $130! We are continuing to fundraise for the cost of the supplies and equipment to establish the first cervical cancer and screening program in the Upper West Region of Ghana. As you know, the women in the Upper West Region currently have no access to cervical care and must travel up to 700km to receive treatment. Our cervical cancer program is partnering with an OBGYN in Ghana to integrate early screening into the existing healthcare structure and to establish a treatment center for cervical cancer at the Wa Regional Hospital, centrally located in the capital of the Upper West Region.

Unfortunately, Dr. Fofie, the dedicated physician whom we were partnering with to help establish the cervical cancer program, suffered a car accident a few months ago that left his eyesight hindered. He is still undergoing surgeries but continues to steadily recover and remains very excited about the program. However, while Dr. Fofie recovers, the Wa Regional Hospital has been searching for a new OBGYN. We are so glad that the hospital recently hired a new physician and he is expected to begin work very soon! We hope that once he is officially in Wa, we can purchase and deliver the first set of supplies for the cervical cancer program soon after.

So far we have made significant progress towards raising the funds necessary to purchase the supplies and equipment to establish the first cervical cancer screening and treatment program in the Upper West Region. However, there is still more to be done. We just need two more donations to improve our ranking on Global Giving's website which will increase the visibility of our project on their website and help us gain new donors! So even a small donation will be a huge help this matching day! Please consider sharing our project with your friends, family, and colleagues. Just $28 provides cryotherapy treatment of precancerous lesions for one woman, $50 purchases a tenaculum to screen and treat women for cervical cancer, or $100 provides screening to detect cervical cancer for 16 women.

Follow this link directly to our project page to find out more and make a donation on Wednesday or share it with your network: