iGive New Member Bonus!

iGive is donating an extra $5 to ever new member who joins to support MedPLUS Connect and tries the iGive Button through 1/15/15! iGive is a search engine that that allows you to earn money for your chosen cause simply by searching and shopping on the internet. And its completely free to sign up! iGive helps make shopping a form of giving and makes every purchase count. Use this link to sign up and try it out: http://www.iGive.com/medplusconnect

And for all of our supporters on iGive, you can help spread the word about iGive and help MedPLUS Connect even more! iGive is doing a contest where the member who invites the most people who join iGive and try the iGive Button will win $1,000 for his or her cause! Second and third place winners mean $500 for their causes! This is a pretty quick and easy way to help MedPLUS earn more funds towards lifesaving shipments! Just go to the page below and use the personalized Tell A Friend link to invite friends to join iGive. If a supporter isn't already a member of iGive, they can join (and earn MedPLUS Connect $5 when they try the iGive Button):


Thanks as always for your continued support!