Giving Thanks

I vividly remember the holidays during my childhood--the smell of warm pies, my Dad sneaking tastes of stuffing in the kitchen and the sounds of my family together. My family, like many families, has the tradition of taking turns saying what we are thankful for. This year, my gratefulness is focused on the work of other people. I am constantly inspired by the work and kindness of those surrounding me.

The work I did in Ghana with MedPLUS Connect introduced me to some of the most inspirational people I have ever met.  I remember one hazy night in Lawra, Ghana when I was standing outside of the small operating room at the Lawra District Hospital waiting to observe  an emergency surgery. I started talking to a nurse named Peter, and soon learned that he, like many of the hospital workers, had not been paid in several months. Although the hospital was short on funds, the administrators managed to provide a room and basic meals for the nurses, allowing them the option to continue working without pay. Peter's passion for medicine and dedication to helping others led him to devote his time each day. If that type of empathy and determination permeated more of the world today, I can only imagine how life would improve for millions of people.

It can be easy to get caught up in the hustle and stress of everyday life. During this time of thanks, we have an opportunity to pause. Thinking about people like Peter helps me keep some balance and perspective. Each of us has the ability and opportunity to make some difference, and none is too small. This holiday season, Peter's wish is the same as it is every day--to improve the quality of care he provides to his community. MedPLUS Connect has joined Peter in this wish, and together, we hope to raise the $1,200 needed to refurbish a donated portable x-ray machine and purchase a battery pack.

Currently, patients who need an x-ray have be transported for several hours on unpaved roads, costing them more money than an average person makes in a month. Among other things, having an x-ray machine will allow the Lawra District Hospital to treat patients suffering from motorbike and automobile crashes, work-related accidents and other emergencies.

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Have a wonderful holiday season!

Lauren Slive

President, MedPLUS Connect Board of Directors