Holiday Donations Have A Big Impact

The majority of MedPLUS Connect's work is based on a sustainable model in which the  Ghana health system pays MedPLUS Connect the full cost of shipping 40 foot containers of recovered and donated medical supplies and equipment. MedPLUs Connect is able to get the majority of the supplies donated with only a modest warehouse charge. However, some specific supplies (such as x-ray machines) are not readily available or may need extra work or electrical attention. Generous donations from supporters have allowed MedPLUS Connect to add value to shipments with solar powered lights, computers, and other medical equipment.

Recently, MedPLUS Connect has received some very generous donations to support our value added side projects! We are excited to report that we have raised close to $700 to refurbish a donated X-Ray Machine. We still have to raise $500 more, and then we will be able to send the X-Ray to the Lawra District Hospital. Currently, the hospital serves a patient base of over 42,000 people, and the nearest X-Ray is hours away on a dirt road. Sending this machine will drastically improve the quality of care the staff at the Lawra District Hospital is able to provide.

The District Commissioner of Lawra (similar to a U.S. Senator or Governor) recently sent MedPLUS an email.  Honorable Abu Samson wrote "I have just read about the good intentions you people have for Ghana, thus, the medical supplies and the solar light to rural clinics in some parts of northern Ghana of which Lawra is not an exception, we thank you in advance! we appreciate that and we are anciously waiting for your arrival. However, don't forget that Lawra hospital too has no X-ray machine."

Boxes of Supplies at MedWish International

Boxes of Supplies at MedWish International

We hope to be able to fulfill Lawra's request for an X-Ray machine this summer! To donate, please visit - contributions of any amount aggregate to make an enormous impact. Thank you for your support!

-Lauren & Emma