Adventures of an African Shopping Mall

After experiencing serious withdrawal symptoms from being away from gmail for all of six waking hours, I decided to head out to the “Accra shopping mall”—a shockingly Western collection of overpriced stores and wealthy young people—to check out modem options.

I set out from the house to find a taxi but it felt great to stretch my legs so decided to walk part way there. After 30 minutes of walking, I was pouring with sweat and realized that failing to change out of the sweater that I wore on the plane, was not a smart idea. At this point, I was sure that the mall was just around the next corner, and I refused to be “that person”—the tourist wearing a sweater in 90+ degree heat, searching for Ghana’s only mall, and needing a taxi for a destination just 5 minutes down the road. So instead, I walked, and walked, and walked….and realized, true to form, I had managed to get lost walking from one place on a road to another place on that same road. Finally, I swallowed my pride, gave up and got a taxi…the mall was just around the next corner :).

I'm off to the north-eastern city of Bolgatanga tomorrow morning, so no more shopping mall adventures in my near future. Although I'm not looking forward to the 10+ hour bus ride, I'm ready to escape the traffic of Accra and visit the site of our most recent shipment!