I Heart Ghana

On Sunday, I woke up for long enough to make a few phone calls, learn that several of the hospital officials I needed to meet with had not yet returned to town, and fall back asleep for a few much-needed hours. I woke up to a long list of missed calls—nice to know how many people wanted to check and make sure the bus ride had gone ok!

Somehow, in my 4am stupor, I had managed to convey to a taxi driver the type of place where I wanted to stay, and “Sand Gardens Hotel” (a spot on description) has been my home for the past few nights. $8 per night isn’t bad for clean sheets, a fan, and a shared but functional shower and toilet!

Sunday afternoon was a perfect representation of what I love so much about Ghana. I met up with a friend of a friend, who spent his entire day giving me a tour of Bolgatanga from the back of his motorbike (don’t worry mom, I made him promise to drive slowly!). The sun was hot but the breeze was fantastic and the town was packed with people from Burkina Faso and neighboring villages traveling in for market day. My new friend, Gogo, of course seemed to know everyone, and I met his grandmother, chatted with several of his brothers, and despite the advice of his friends, lost round after round of a Mancala-like game played with dried seeds.

Market Day

Market Day

Refreshed, I spent the late afternoon and evening catching up on blogs posts, working on documents for the upcoming shipments, and managing the never-ending stream of incoming MedPLUS Connect emails.