Become a MedPLUS Connect Volunteer Intern!

Are you interested in volunteering or interning with MedPLUS Connect, but are unsure about how much time your schedule will allow you to commit? We have the answer! MedPLUS Connect is piloting a new “free-market” volunteer intern program, where interested supporters can sign up to be part of a Volunteer & Intern Listserv. When a new opportunity arises, a MedPLUS Connect Staff Member will send out an email to the Volunteer & Intern Listserv. Projects will range from researching grants to coordinating donations of medical supplies to writing proposals. If you are interested in working on the specific project highlighted in the listserv email, and your schedule allows, we just ask that you email back the MedPLUS Staff Member to get more information. As always, if you are interested in designing your own project to advance the mission of MedPLUS Connect, please do not hesitate to email us at

To sign up for the listserv, click on the "How Can I Get Involved" tab on the homepage of our website:, and enter your name and email address.

MedPLUS Connect Board Members Sorting Supplies

MedPLUS Connect Board Members Sorting Supplies


Thank you for your help! We are grateful for the efforts of our Volunteers, and the work that you do makes a significant and tangible difference to those in Ghana and other under-resourced countries.

-Lauren Slive, MedPLUS Connect Board President