First Impressions of Ghana

So this is it! My first blog post. Though I have done a bit of traveling in the past, this is my first time in Ghana -- and it's already been quite the adventure. When I arrived on Tuesday, Emma met me at the airport and we were immediately offered about fifty-million taxi rides. Once we got a reasonable price, we headed down through the streets of Accra. You might be wondering where we were going, and so was I . . . even after Emma told the driver. This is probably because she said, "Go down Spintex Road and make a right at the junction before Papaye." The expression on my face must have been some weird combination of confusion, surprise, and amusement. I would be lying if I claimed not to be slightly intimidated, but I learned right then and there to throw out everything I thought I knew about addresses and directions. I wanted to share that little anecdote because I think it embodies my experience here so far. From the welcoming nature of people I've met to the tasty groundnut stew served in chop bars, there are so many aspects of the culture that I can only describe as uniquely Ghanaian.

Emma and I ventured down to the Ministry of Health on Wednesday to meet with the Chief Director. Because we are building a lasting relationship with the MOH, we have decided to establish a minimum number of shipments to go out over the course of the year. In doing so, we hope to cut back on some of the paperwork and red tape and make the process a little smoother for both ends. This also allows us some flexibility in sending out additional shipments, which is always a good thing. We also discussed sending shipments to a couple of polyclinics. With additional medical equipment a polyclinic can become a comprehensive health care center better suited to address the needs of the district. This is a very exciting new opportunity and we look forward to learning more as we travel up North!