Northern Region Meetings

Road Leading from Tamale in the Northern Region

Road Leading from Tamale in the Northern Region

After spending the morning practicing pronouncing his name, we met with Dr. Akwesi Twumasi, the Regional Director of Health Services for the Northern Region. He was excited that the Chief Director of the MOH had suggested that we send three containers to the Northern Region, and we spent the next hour discussing issues of logistics, need, and geography…a huge factor in a large region with limited resources for distribution.

We decided that first container will go directly to the Bole District Hospital and surrounding health centers and clinics. Bole is the district hospital located the farthest distance from Tamale, thus making distribution from a regional shipment difficult. We have plans to meet with the Medical Director at Bole next week to introduce him to the MedPLUS Connect model and begin developing a request list.

The second and third containers will be delivered to Dr. Twumasi who will distribute the contents to the Northern Region’s 5 new polyclinics and several additional district hospitals according to need. The polyclinics are located in districts that currently don’t (but should!) have a hospital—the MOH and Dr. Twumasi both stressed the impact that supplies/equipment could make there.