And We're Off!

Container Destination: Tumu (circled)

Container Destination: Tumu (circled)

And we’re off! Around 10 AM this morning, our fantastic partners at the MedWish International warehouse packed the first of five MedPLUS Connect containers set to go out during the 2011-2012 year! It’s amazing to me how simple that last sentence sounds – “packed” and “container” are words that could be describing something as basic as packing PB&J into a lunchbox. Let’s run with that concept. Except instead of a lunchbox, imagine a 40 ft. container. Instead of a PB&J sandwich, imagine 12,400 lbs of medical supplies and equipment packed in like sardines. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? If you are, you’re probably thinking “WOW – how is that even possible?” (Or, alternatively, you may be thinking about the terrible quality of my lunchbox analogy, in which case I can’t really blame you).

But in all seriousness, reading the packing list never ceases to amaze me, and for many reasons. It’s incredible to see how much “stuff” can really be packed into one container, and even more impressive to see how many valuable pieces of healthcare equipment can be reused and repurposed to help others. We are so excited to send this container to Tumu District Hospital! Tumu District Hospital is in the Upper West Region of Ghana and serves a rural district with a population of over 150,000. Because of its northern location and proximity to the neighboring country Burkina Faso, Tumu District Hospital sees a diverse patient population, including refugees from across the borders. Hopefully these medical supplies will help the hospital better treat the needs of the growing patient population.

Dr. Zakari Bukari, medical director at Tumu District Hospital, compiled the request list based off the hospital’s priority needs and is “excited about the great support and looking forward to receiving the items.” The container holds almost 10 pallets of mixed medical supplies, an anesthesia machine, infant incubators, oxygen concentrators, an OR table, gurneys, pulse oximeters, handheld dopplers, 12 hospitals beds & mattresses, and more. MedWish did an amazing job of helping us locate these high-need, life-saving items. Let’s just say that if this were a lunchbox, it would include all the best: snackpack pudding, go-gurt, the good kinds of fruit, and maybe an extra Reese’s…or two...

And you thought you were done hearing about the lunchbox. Please forgive me

– I couldn’t resist!