Winter Newsletter

Did you get a chance to read MedPLUS Connect's winter newsletter? Check it out here. Here is one story from the newsletter that is particularly touching: Spotlight: Meet MedPLUS Connect's Youngest Supporters!

Here at MedPLUS Connect, we feel very blessed and fortunate for the amazing support we receive on a daily basis. From everyday collaboration with our partners in Ghana and donations from supporters, to our family, friends, and diligent blog followers, there is certainly no shortage of generosity. In the past nine months alone, we have received over $8,500 in donations and countless numbers of volunteer offers.

Meet sisters Gabrielle (age eight) and Rachel (age ten). They first became interested in MedPLUS Connect when their cousin, Executive Director Sonya Narla, traveled to Ghana this past summer. After following Sonya and Emma’s adventures through the MedPLUS blog stories and photos, the sisters drew their own pictures depicting their interpretations of MedPLUS Connect’s mission – complete with mosquitos! They even wore "Ghana Flag Socks" to support the cause. Gabrielle and Rachel enjoyed learning about another part of the world, and grew concerned learning that some children in Ghana could not even receive nutritious food and vitamins to remain healthy. So when Gabrielle found a $20 bill at a county fair and couldn’t track down the owner, she wanted to donate the money to “somewhere it should belong.” She chose the to put it toward the construction of the Lawra Nutrition Center.

Gabrielle and Rachel's Ghana Flag Socks

Gabrielle and Rachel's Ghana Flag Socks

Though we receive amazing support everyday, the incredible generosity of others is something that will always continue to amaze the MedPLUS Connect team. To Gabrielle, Rachel, and the rest of our wonderful supporters: thank you.

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