Busy Spring!

MedPLUS Connect has had a busy spring! In the past few months, we have hired a new Executive Director (to start next month), hired a new In-Country Director, sent thousands of pounds of medical supplies to Ghana, and continued to construct a nutrition rehabilitation center in Lawra, Ghana. We are currently staging a shipment destined for Bole, Ghana and are planning a month long trip for Sonya (our outgoing Executive Director) and Anna (our incoming director) to Ghana this June!

Check out our latest newsletter here to learn more about our projects! One of the stories is pasted below:

Five Anesthesia Machines Sent to the Upper East Region, Ghana

Following the February departure of two containers to the Northern Region, MedPLUS Connect has sent another 40-foot container to the Upper East Region. The container, which left the MedWish International Warehouse in Cleveland, Ohio on April 12, 2012, contains five anesthesia machines. Anesthesia machines tend to be hard-to-find items, but our fantastic partners at MedWish International were able to secure five for the Upper East Region. These important anesthesia machines will be distributed across the region to aid in operations at larger hospitals and help smaller clinics evolve into hospitals.

Like many donated or refurbished items, the anesthesia machines did not come complete with vaporizers attached. MedPLUS Connect is commited to sending full-functioning, ready-to-use items to our partners in Ghana, and locating the necessary vaporizers was an incredible team effort. While our partners at MedWish researched necessary manufacturing information, our interns were hard at work contacting anesthesiologists and engineers to learn more about the machines.

After hours of research, phone calls, emails, and contact international communication, we were able to partner with Heartland Medical Supply to locate the appropriate vaporizers for the anesthesia machines! We are grateful to our partners and our MedPLUS team for such a successful collaboration and teamwork, and are excited to see how the Upper East Region will benefit from the anesthesia machines.