One Year Ago..

It's hard to believe a whole year has passed - and so quickly! In just 12 days I return to Ghana, and have the privilege of reuniting with the health workers at our wonderful partner hospitals. I'm very excited to see the results of this year's hard work. For me, it is going to be interesting (not to mention rewarding!) to see all the emails, phone calls, research, and other "virtual office" or "remote" work I have been working on this year materialized into a reality!

One year ago...

- Emma was introducing me to our partners at the Ministry of Health.

- I had the privilege of visiting Karaga Polyclinic in the Northern Region to better understand the rise of smaller health centers and polyclinics in rural regions.

- Emma, Kofi Gyan, and I were sitting down hashing through blueprint details for the Nutrition Center.

- We were on our "Tour de Bolgatanga" to visit a handful of different villages in the Upper East Region - in just 2 days!

And now, a full year later, it is my turn to train our incoming Executive Director, Anna Finestone. So far our plans include meeting at the Ministry of Health to discuss shipment plans for the upcoming year, visiting past recipient hospitals, visiting potential recipient hospitals, visiting the Nutrition Center-in-progress, and more!

Anna and I will be blogging regularly from Ghana; be sure to follow us!

- Sonya