First Few Days in Ghana!

MedPLUS has officially arrived in Ghana after a 12+ hour flight from the United States! We had a nice little ‘meeting’ in the Atlanta airport since Emma, Anna, and I were all on the same flight. When we landed in Accra, I felt a wave of familiarity while taking in our surroundings – the humidity, friendly smiles, PSAs advising you to drink water 8 times a day, paintings of President Obama, and the hiss of taxi cab drivers vying for our business to name a few!

I know I keep writing this, but I can’t believe a whole year has gone by already! It feels like just one month ago I was training for the ED role. Now Anna is in my position, and we really couldn’t have found a better fit for the newest addition to the MedPLUS team. Her attitude and eagerness to learn the ropes is making for some amazing progress. Also, having a sense of humor is key – because you definitely need it after sitting in a sweaty taxi for two hours only to discover that your meeting won’t be taking place after all. And yes, this happened already ☺

We will travel to Tamale on Saturday by STC bus (12 hour ride!), where we will meet with Northern Regional Director Dr. Twumasi to discuss this year’s containers and our hopes for the upcoming year. We currently have two 40-ft containers worth of supplies in Tamale waiting for distribution, and seeing that will be exciting. We also have plans to visit Tamale Central Hospital, other health centers, and of course, the infamous Swad Fast Food.

Stay tuned!

- Sonya