Visiting the Ministry of Health

Before we left Accra, Anna and I went to the Ministry of Health to meet with the Chief Director and Financial Controller - or, as we say when we are giving directions to taxi drivers in Ghana, we went to "Ministries." Ministries is a huge block of, well, all the different Ministries, from Ministry of Women and Child Health to the Ministry of the Interior. All the buildings have similar appearances, so finding the Ministry of Health is always a bit of an adventure on its own!

After a great meeting discussing funding support and our five containers for the upcoming year, Anna and I got the chance to take the photo below!


This upcoming year, MedPLUS will be sending containers to the Upper West Region (Sissala West and Nadowli District Hospitals), the Upper East Region (Regional shipment), and the Northern Region (Tamale Central Hospital and a regional shipment)!

We're currently recovering from our 14 hour bus journey to Tamale- finally arrived!- but promise longer and more exciting posts soon :-)