Finding The Old Hospital: A Taxi Adventure

On Wednesday we went to the Regional Health Office and The Old Hospital, as you probably know from our last posts. Or at least we tried to. No taxi driver knew what we were talking about. But, true to form, told us they knew EXACTLY where we wanted to go. Please keep in mind this takes place in the small town of Tamale.

Me: Good afternoon, do you know where the Regional Health Office is? It is right past The Old Hospital.

Taxi: Hmm, oh yes, I know. Regional Health, yes. (Looks around)

Me: So you know it? It is past The Old Hospital.

Taxi: Yes. I know it. Let’s go.

Anna and I get in the car. Five minutes of driving pass. Other passengers get in.

Taxi: So, you are off to the Chief Palace now!

Me: What? No. I am not going to the Chief Palace -

Taxi: (confused) You said you wanted to the Chief Palace.

Me: (more confused) No. I want to go to the Regional Health Office. It is next to The Old Hospital. Do you know where that is?

Taxi: Yes. Let’s go.

Five more minutes pass. Other passengers get out.

Taxi: Here we are.

Me: (Looking around) Wait – wha? Where are we? This is the Tamale Teaching Hospital. This is not The Old Hospital*

*Disclaimer: The Tamale Teaching Hospital is brand new, huge, and shiny. Use your imagination, but The Old Hospital is none of those things.

Taxi: But you said you wanted to go to the Big, New, Regional Teaching Hospital.

Me: No. We did not.

Taxi: Yes you did. Why else would we be here?! Now it will be 2 cedis more.

Me: (kind of laughing/frustrated) I said The Old Hospital and you said you knew it.

Taxi: No, you said Big New Regional Teaching Hospital.

Anna: (so supportive!) No, she did not. She said the OLD hospital.

Taxi: Big New Regional Teaching Hospital.

…and this went on for the remainder of the ride until Anna and I FINALLY got to the Regional Health Office and The Old Hospital.

Next time the power goes out and we need to get creative with our entertainment, Anna and I are going to try to remember how many times we said OLD hospital versus how many times our driver said NEW hospital :-)

- Sonya