My Week in Accra

On Monday, before she left for the US, Sonya and I had a great meeting with Dr. Awonoor Williams, the Regional Director for the Upper East Region. Since then I’ve been in Accra wrapping up our last meetings, following up with the sites we will be sending shipments to this year, and dodging rainstorms. I am also following up with our most recent shipments so be on the lookout for a post about that soon! While in Accra, I’ve been working hard to get prepared for my upcoming term as Executive Director. I’ve also been drinking a lot of coffee.

I’ve been lucky to have some fancy lattes and cappuccinos.

And some not so fancy, but still delicious, Nescafe.

I’ve also been eating a lot of potato chips. And by potato chips, I mean French fries. I’ve also consumed a lot of “Veggie Delight” pizzas from Pizza Inn (different from the US version but better, I think). All in all I’ve been pretty lucky in my food choices, with one exception. I ordered a latte while doing work and thought that I would indulge myself with a nice little donut- something sweet and delicious to keep me motivated. Unfortunately, my donut was neither sweet nor delicious or even donut-like. I was hoping for something covered in icing and overly sweetened; what I got was basically fluffy bread. While disappointing, my fluffy bread didn’t actually taste bad and I still managed to eat the entire thing. I might give it another try tomorrow and hope that last time was just a fluke. Or I might just wait until I’m back in the US and go to a Dunkin Donuts.