Meetings, Meetings, Meetings: Part II

Today marked a second round of meetings here in Accra. I met with Dr. Twumasi, the Northern Regional Director, this morning. Its been a year since we last met but we've been discussing the upcoming Northern Regional container frequently by email so it was nice to see each other in person again. We touched base on the container and reconfirmed the priority items needed. This container will be shipped alongside the container for the Tamale Central Hospital and we hope both can be ready within the next couple of months. Dr. Twumasi and I also discussed the creation of 6 new districts in the Northern Region and the expansion of several polyclinics into hospitals. Three of these polyclinics fall under these new districts and will need to be upgraded into district hospitals. According to Dr. Twumasi, these districts are highly impoverished and he reiterated the need for medical supplies in the Northern Region, a region we plan to continue working in.

I was fortunate to be able to schedule a meeting with both Dr. Twumasi and Dr. Awonoor-Williams, the Upper East Regional Director, while they are here in Accra this week. I will meet with Dr. Awonoor-Williams tomorrow morning and I'm looking forward to another reunion and discussion.