A Growing City

During my recent unplanned tour of Accra, I kept noticing two things throughout the city: construction and shiny buildings. No matter where we were during our drive, it seemed that there was always the under construction shell of a building across from me. The unfinished buildings were future homes, apartments, office buildings and shopping centers. I also constantly saw signs advertising these buildings, especially the homes and apartment buildings, labeling them "luxurious villas." And alongside the construction were the large, modern, shiny buildings that allowed me to see what the finished products of the construction would be. I realize I didn't even see a fraction of Accra during our frantic search for the MOH and that the construction is just a visual observation of a city that is also probably growing in other ways, but here are some of the images I saw during my "tour":  



New Construction

Signs to advertise new buildings

Shiny buildings

High-rise apartments