End of the Week Recap

This past week ended similarly to how it began, full of constructive meetings here in Accra. I had the pleasure of meeting with the Upper East Regional Director, Dr. Awonoor-Williams on Wednesday afternoon. We discussed the regional container for the Upper East that is due to arrive at the end of July and the future needs of the region. On Thursday I had a dual meeting with the Director of the Procurements Office, Mr. Boateng, and Mr. Appiah, the Director of Administration for the Ministry of Health. We reviewed the status of our current containers, which include the container for the Gwollu and Tumu hospitals and the Upper East Regional container that have already been shipped. We also discussed the preparations for our remaining three containers, destined for Nadowli District Hospital, Tamale Central Hospital and the Northern Region, the Nadowli container being almost ready to begin the trek to Ghana.

On Monday I will be meeting with Dr. Anemana, who is the past Chief Director of the Ministry of Health and current Director at the Ministry of Environment. I actually wasn’t able to meet Dr. Anemana when I was in Ghana last year, as his traveling schedule unfortunately didn’t coincide with the time we were able to be in Accra. I am glad to have the opportunity to meet with him this year and sincerely look forward to it. In addition to this meeting on Monday morning, I have several other meetings next week, the times of which are as yet unplanned (in true Ghanaian style). This upcoming week marks the last full week of my trip to Ghana this year and what I hope will be a very productive week, even more so than the weeks preceding it.