Musical Inclinations

In the midst of all my taxi rides and sitting in coffee shops to do work I’ve heard a wide range of music on the radio and playing overhead. The songs have ranged from pop to country to classic rock, with some songs thrown in that take me back to the 90s. Of course there have also been the many sermons, call in programs, and broadcasts blaring from the radios in the taxi as well. More enjoyable is the African music I’ve heard, but unfortunately I don’t know any of the titles. Here is just a sampling of the songs I’ve heard that I do know:

  1. Katy Perry - “Hot and Cold,” “California Girls,” and “I Kissed a Girl”- I think the coffee shop had a Katy Perry CD on rotation
  2. NSYNC - “This I Promise You”
  3. Paul Simon- “You Can Call me Al”
  4. Lovin Spoonful- “Summer in the City”
  5. Adele- “Rolling in the Deep”
  6. Steve Miller- “The Joker”
  7. Spice Girls- “When Two Become One”
  8. John Denver – “Country Roads, Take Me Home”
  9. Heart- “Alone”
  10. F.U.N.- “Carry On”