Street Vendors

Something that I always remember about Ghana are the street vendors. Every time I’m in a taxi, stopped at a light or stuck in traffic (which happens so often), I notice them. As soon as the cars are at a standstill there is a parade of people walking between the cars selling things, all while trying to dodge the motorbikes and get out of the way as soon as the traffic starts to move again. It’s a hard job; the women (and sometimes the men) carry heavy weights on their head, in the heat of the day while the sun beats down, trying to get people to buy whatever they’re selling and often having to chase after their customer if the cars start moving and they’re in the middle of a sale.

There is such a vast variety of things that are being sold that you could essentially buy anything you need out of your car window. I’ve seen toilet paper, watches, wallets, maps, DVDs, fried plantains, water, sodas, towels, blankets, soccer balls, and the many flags and stickers that are so popular on dashboards and taxis.


The most interesting things I’ve seen being sold so far are games of Monopoly, a giant clock, and, the winner: a large, framed, hologram picture of Jesus.