Leaving Ghana

Today marks my last day in Ghana. After three weeks of meetings and brainstorming future plans, I’m returning to the US side of MedPLUS. I can’t help remembering this time last year and preparing to leave Ghana then. That time signified the end of my training for the Executive Director position and I remember feeling a mix of excitement and nervousness in preparing myself to fully take over the responsibilities of the job. This year the nervousness has decreased considerably and instead I am mostly filled with excitement that my return to the US will begin my second term as the Executive Director of MedPLUS. The first year was full of learning new skills and gaining a deeper understanding of MedPLUS as a whole, and I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to continue working for an organization I have so much admiration for. I am eager to continue organizing our current containers and to expand the benefits of our shipments to new recipient hospitals and health centers. I’m also looking forward to the unforeseen new contacts, partners, and projects that this next year is sure to bring. I’m sad to leave Ghana of course, but I can’t wait to see what this upcoming year with MedPLUS will unfold.