MedPLUS Connect Project is Awarded a $500 Grant!

Thanks to the guidance and leadership of Jack Lawrence, our resident tech whiz, one of MedPLUS Connect's recent offshoot initiatives was awarded a $500 Do Something Grant! This project aims to bring computers and software to rural hospitals and clinics in an effort to increase administractive capacities and promote continued medical education.

Donated Computers Ready to be Networked

Donated Computers Ready to be Networked

The grant, which MedPLUS Connect will use to purchase the electrical equipment that allows donated computers to function with Ghana's intermittent power supply, will go a long way toward ensuring the success of this critical technology. In the coming years, we hope these computers will continued to be used by hospital staff and community health personnel to update patient records, create health care presentations and annual reports, and keep up to date with medical resources.

Thank you Do Something!!