Hurry Up and Wait!

At the end of my trip to Ghana this past summer, I met with the Chief Director at the Ministry of Health to get the invoice and memorandum signed for the next two shipments that MedPLUS Connect plans to send to Ghana. These documents lay out the responsibilities of both MedPLUS and the Ministry and include the list of each hospital's requested supplies and equipment.

Meeting with the MOH Chief Director

Meeting with the MOH Chief Director

After the excitement of confirming these two new shipments and the craziness of returning to the USA and dealing with (what felt like) a hundred emails and updates, things have slowed down quite a bit as we wait for the Ministry to transfer the funds necessary to pack and ship the next two containers….definitely a case of hurry up and wait!

The past few weeks have been filled with a frustrating back and forth with the Ministry of Health accountant as we both deal with the difficulties of a significant time difference, poor phone connections, a slight language barrier, and the task of getting all the paperwork, bank account numbers, and transfer info all worked out. After a lot of delays, I learned the lesson that starting early is always better! Fingers crossed that the funds will be transferred within the next week and we will be able to move forward in packing the shipments!