Hello from Ghana!

Hi everyone!

Hello from Ghana...we are so excited to be here!

After a long overnight flight and (surprisingly) no mishaps with our checked bags, we arrived in Accra, Ghana and took a taxi to our hotel. After arguing with the receptionist about the "outrageous" price increase (...about $7) we discovered that the hotel now has wireless internet...the best $7 ever spent!  Feel free to email us at medplusconnect@gmail.com.

We are spending the last few hours of the day gathering shipping documents and preparing summary lists of the supplies/equipment that we shipped.  We are heading to the Ministry of Health early tomorrow morning to review the incoming shipments and discuss plans for the future.  Fingers crossed that all goes well.

Time for Brooke's first Ghanaian meal! :)

Emma Lawrence, Emily Nix, and Brooke Edwards