day 2...the calm before the storm

Last night, Brooke and I had just finished talking about how smoothly the trip was going...when the lights flickered, fan sputtered, and the power went out. So...I will very cautiously (knock on wood) say that everything went incredibly well today and I think we have a great trip ahead of us!

We spent the morning at the Ministry of Health, and managed, after an hour or so wait, to meet with the Chief Director. We gave him the official transport documents for the two incoming shipments of supplies (using our ever-expanding shipping lingo of "bill of lading" and "duty exemptions") and the summary sheets of the supplies that we sent...pretty cool to add up the 40 hospital beds and >80,000 gloves!

After meeting with a computer technician who works with a Ghanaian NGO ( to finalize plans for computer lab we are setting up, we plan to head to the north and explore some unknown places to connect with new hospitals. On our agenda is a city called Walewale (yes, I laughed when I first heard it too) where the formal medical director of Lawra is now working.  Then, on to a hospital in the Upper-East region and another in the Upper-West region....hometowns of the Minister of Health and the Chief Director. Based on the Chief Director's chuckle when we told him we had never been to the Upper-East, we are in for some travel adventures!

On a quick exciting note, we got an email today that the Clinton Global Initiative University awarded MedPLUS a $5,000 grant.  Thanks Bill Clinton! :)

Emily And I At The Clinton Global Initiative University Conference In April, 2010

Emily And I At The Clinton Global Initiative University Conference In April, 2010

Happy Ghanaian Independence day (tomorrow)!

Emma, Emily, and Brooke