We Have a Load Date!

After all the delays in the past few weeks, it is so exciting to have be moving forward in all the fun and hectic preparations for our next shipment! We have confirmed a load date...on November 18th, we will be packing a 40 foot container with medical supplies and equipment at the MedWish International warehouse in Cleveland, OH where a truck will be waiting to take the container to Baltimore for the first leg of its long journey.

Medical Supplies Near Loading Dock

Medical Supplies Near Loading Dock

After a great afternoon spent at the MedWish warehouse, I am thrilled about the supplies that will be included in the shipment. So far, we have 28 hospital beds and mattresses, an autoclave machine, a EKG machine, a centrifuge, and many many boxes of much-needed consumables!!

I'm looking forward to a busy week putting all the pieces and details in place to ensure a smooth (my adventures in Ghana have taught me that smooth can be relative term!) packing day and transport to Ghana. More details coming soon!