Project to Bring Solar Lights to Rural Clinics

Medical Supplies Arriving in Northern Ghana

Medical Supplies Arriving in Northern Ghana

I am so excited to announce that our partnership with One Million Lights has been expanded! Together, we made a commitment to bring 100 solar-powered lights to rural hospitals and clinics in Ghana this summer.

Spending time in Ghana, it continues to surprise me that something as simple as light can be the difference between a patient getting care or not. The majority of rural clinics operate without electricity and those with electricity struggle with frequent power outages. The lights we get from One Million Lights are waterproof, durable, solar charged...and quite stylish in neon colors :) All joking aside, each light allows a community health worker to deliver babies and provide care at night--meeting a fundamental need in disadvantaged communities.

Check out the link to the project page that describes our initiative:

Our goal is to raise $2,800 to fund 100 can make a donation of any size through the button on this page: