The Importance of Teamwork and Commas

Since returning home from Ghana, I've become more comfortable with the daily operations of working for a non-profit organization. Sometimes it is difficult to balance everything, but fortunately we've all had quite a bit of practice in the art of multitasking. What I do find to be challenging, however, is accepting the fact that sometimes you simply will not be able to finish everything on your to-do list -- and realizing that it's okay. I have found that there will always be more to do, another step to take, or a way to make whatever I'm working on "better." I'll stop talking (typing) in the abstract: take, for example, writing my first newsletter for MedPLUS Connect. I had been excitedly working on articles and stories for awhile, writing, editing, fact-checking, formatting, etc. But regardless of the planning and pre-planning, I still managed to spend an embarrassing amount of time agonizing over details like subtitle wording: should I write "and" or "or"? Does this sound better? Is this sentence less confusing? Before I knew it, I had spent the entire day poring over the already-finished newsletter and it didn't look any different. And yet it was totally necessary! I think Oscar Wilde summed it up best when he said, "I have spent most of the day putting in a comma and the rest of the day taking it out." Throughout this whole transition, rest of the MedPLUS team has been so helpful and understanding. When things get stressful I can always count on them for a helping hand, support, feedback,and more. Here's to teamwork - and, of course, to poring over every little "comma"!