"Busy-ness" As Usual

From working on grant applications and newsletters to day-to--day tasks like organizing our containers and facilitating communication, there is certainly no shortage of work for MedPLUS Connect! We have been busy gathering medical supplies from our U.S. partners as well as coordinating the Ghana-side of things. The shipment we are currently assembling marks my first time overseeing the process - but certainly not the first (or second, or third, or tenth..) for MedPLUS Connect. I definitely rely on the experience of the rest of the team to help guide me! I may be biased, but this container looks amazing. It is a fantastic combination of consumables like gauze and sutures and larger items such as hospital beds! While we are busy assembling future shipments, we are also currently waiting for three containers to clear the port in Tema, Ghana. Due to some congestion in the Tema port (over 30 containers at once!) there has been a slight delay in transporting these containers, but we are hopeful that they will be en route to our recipients soon! Fortunately, one of our many unofficial slogans seems to be "expect the unexpected" and I think we've become pretty good at rolling with the punches. Another example of this is adjusting to the many roles and tasks of Executive Director. I love the diversity - there's a wonderful mix of social media tasks, administrative duties, financial responsibilities, and facilitation between the Board, volunteers, interns, donors, and partners. Playing all these different roles at once has taught me how to learn on the fly. It has also reinforced to me why I love lists and post-it notes so much; staying organized is crucial! How else can we work on our value-added projects, such as the Lawra nutrition center or collection of medical journals and textbooks? Never a dull moment. For more detailed updates of MedPLUS Connect's "busy-ness" as usual, check out the Summer newsletter!