Calling All Creative Minds!

Hi everyone! I hope that each of you has had a wonderful start to 2012 so far! As our wonderful director Sonya has mentioned before, those of us at MedPLUS have been busy bees working on all sorts of new and exciting projects. I do not consider myself to be a super artsy, nor a super “business minded” individual. I usually come up with some wacky off the wall ideas that I am sure make Sonya and all the board members laugh. Recently, however, it has become important to me to develop the MedPLUS “image” a little further. This is where ya’ll (accent disclaimer-I am from the south) come in!

I want all of you to get your creative juices flowing and send me your ideas! What images on our website and/or facebook page are most moving to you? (Be sure to “like” us on facebook if you haven’t done so already!) What colors do you like? Do you like our black and blue theme? What would you most like to see? Comment on this post and let me know all of your wonderful ideas!!!

Check out our website at

Check out our website at

I cant wait to hear from everyone!

MedPLUS love,


* Kate Cloud is a MedPLUS Connect intern currently juggling multiple projects, including fundraising and grant research! We are so happy to have her on board. Thank you, Kate!