Learn About Lawra!

Hi everyone! As you know, we are building a Nutrition Rehabilitation Center in Lawra, Upper West Region, Ghana. This particular district has a special place in our hearts here at MedPLUS Connect - Emma, Lauren and the rest of the Project Heal team established a "Peace Library" in 2008 at the Lawra District Hospital, a children's library and medical resource center in the pediatric ward.

We know how enthusiastic and involved our supporters are and like to be, and so I want to share this website with you all. If you want to learn more about Lawra - the future home of a Nutrition Rehabilitation Center for children - check out the link below!


But we also know how busy everyone can be, so for those of you on a time limit (perhaps a five minute study break?! Quick unwinding after work?!) here are some quick facts:

1. The census puts the District's population at 87,525, with a population density as high as 93 persons per square kilometer. WHOA! 2. A situational analysis on women and children in the Lawra District reveals that they are highly disadvantaged economically, socio-culturally and politically. 3. Dr. Abdulai Abukari, former Medical Director of the Lawra District Hospital, cites malnutrition as the fundamental trigger of preventable childhood disease and death in Lawra and asserts the critical need for the development of a nutrition rehabilitation program. 4. Lawra hospital is the district hospital with a bed capacity of 62 comprising 13 beds in maternity ward and 49 beds in general ward and serves a population of 43,614 excluding people from Burkina Faso. 5. In the rural areas a considerable number of children of school going age, especially the girl child, are not in school but found rearing cattle, farming, and providing child labour.

As always, we love to hear your thoughts. Feel free to comment! Sonya

(Source: http://lawra.ghanadistricts.gov.gh/?arrow=atd&_=110&sa=5720)